My Top Picks from the Topshop and Asos Sales.

Yep it's that time again for a mid year/start of autumn sale.
One important thing to remember when shopping the end of summer sales is that brand just want to get rid of their summer stuff to make room for their winter stock. The most important thing though is to make sure that the items you're buying are going to get worn right through the winter months.

So with that said here are my top picks from the sales:

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Happy Sale Shopping!

TTYL, Rachel xx



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*In short this blog post is about my return to weekly blogging*
If you want to hear(watch?) me rattle on then continue reading below.

This is my first blogpost in a year, yep, its been a full year since i last sat down to write anything for this blog and tbh it feels like it's only been a week. I think i just stopped blogging because I was feeling uninspired and i thought that my blog wasn't as good as everyone elses but i think thats because a lot of blogs are too similar. A lot of the blogs that i'm subscribed to post the same content like i know that you've just got the naked heat palette and its new, and you want to post about it asap but i feel like once I've read one review about the lovely warm tomes and blend-ability, I've read them all.

And i was trying to fit into that, I was trying to be one of those girls who was reviewing the same things as everyone else just to try and fit in, because I knew that, that was what people liked to see. But now i've decided to fuck 'the norm' and 'tradition' to write about what I want and sometimes thats going to be a palette or a lipstick but other times its going to be a post like this, something I want to say or an opinion I have on something and if you don't want to read it then thats fine.

But i'm using this blog as a place to put down all of my thoughts and just gather them into one place.

If you want to hear me talking about more shit you can follow me on these sites so that you never miss a moment of my rambles:



Clinique Cleansing Brush 6 Months On.

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When I first got this as a christmas present from my parents I was so excited to try it out and incorporate it into my everyday routine and it's something that I'm still using everyday. My first few months of using this were great it calmed my skin down till I had virtually no spots at all but then by mid March my skin started to get a little bit more spotty.

The brush itself is almost £80 I've been using the Clinique Liquid Facial soap with it too which is £16.50. In the instruction manual which comes with the brush it suggests that you replace the brush head every 3 months and its £17. I personally only change the brush head every 6 months and what I like to do every once in a while is to remove the brush head, give it a wash with some anti-bacterial soap(I wash it after every use) then I fill up a cup with a little bit of water put the brush head into the cup so that the bristles are under water, then I put the cup  into the microwave for 30 seconds and that gets rid of all of the bacteria thats gathering in the brush.

Another thing i'll do is when i feel like my face is a little rough I will just dot some soap on my dry face and i'll use the brush dry too and the way it acts as an exfoliator without having to use another product on my face.

Overall I think that if you have the budget for it and are looking for a cleansing brush i'd tell ou to give this one a go and see what you think.

Rachel x


Rimmel SuperGel Polish.

I had high hopes for this. I thought that it was going to be great. But it wasn't. I picked this up a couple of days ago in Morissons whilst shopping with my mum and as they were new they were being sold at an introductory price of £4 (the usual price for these is £6 each). I thought that the gel colour was going to be thick and creamy but it wasn't, it's just a plain old regular nail polish and that annoyed me. The topcoat also wasn't as thick as I would've liked it to be considering that the nail polish was just a regular polish I thought that the topcoat would've been the gel however it was the same consistency as a thick glossy topcoat, meaning that it wasn't really a gel polish at all.

Another negative about this was that you had to apply 3 coats (2 colour, 1 topcoat) and that's really not ideal when you're running late or have to get homework done. On the bright side there are 20 different colours to choose from. But the better option would just be to buy a BarryM Gelly Hi Shine nail polish (£3.99)

It would also be good to point out that if you bought the colour and topcoat for the regular price of £6 each (£12 for both) that only gives you one colour when you could buy 3 different colours from BarryM for the same price. A further negative of this range is that this polish chipped the next day or two after putting it on when it says on the bottle 14 days of wear time.

Have you tried out these latest Rimmel offerings?
Rachel xx


The Five Ingredient Soup.

My first ever recipe post (YAY!!!)

  • 4 Carrots
  • 1 leek
  • 200g of red split lentils
  • Stock Cubes
  • Potatoes

1.   Pour the lentils into a small bowl and fill up the bowl with water just until the lentils are covered.

2.  Fill up 1/2 a pot with water and add in whichever stock cubes you like(I usually use 2 ham stock cubes and 1 veg but i'm trying to find some sort of ham alternative because i am now trying to go vegetarian so if you know of any let me know down below!)

3.  Chop up the carrots and leek whichever way you want then add the leek to the pot.

4.  put the carrots into a blender with a little bit of water and pulse as finely or as chunky as you want.

5.   Add the blitzed carrots and bowl of lentils to the soup.

6.   In a separate pot par-boil the potatoes then add to the pot of soup (you should keep the soup on at a slow simmer for around an hour).
7.    Serve up and enjoy!

Would you like to see more recipes on my blog?

Rachel xx




I'd love to just look at this post 10 years from now and just be able to check off all of the places i'll hopefully have been to. So if you haven't guessed from that little bit of information, this post is just going to be a list of all of the places in the world i'd like to visit in no particular order. 3.The Maldives

1. Italy

2. Hawaii

3. The Maldives

4. Mexico

5. Las Vegas

6. Africa


8. New Zealand 

9. Japan

10. Brazil

So thats it, those are the countries i'd love to visit and if I go to half in my lifetime then I'd be more than happy.

What countries are on your wander list?

Rachel xx



The Perfect Nude For Pale Skin.

Nope this isn't another nude lipsticks post but if you want to look at my favourite nudes click here
This is grey suede from Revlon which is £6.49 from Boots. But I usually wait till they're on offer because boots usually do 2 Revlon polishes for £8.

If you're pale then you know the struggle we have to go through to get a lipstick or nail polish that complements our skin tone and doesn't make our skin look sick or grey, and if you didn't know then there I've just told you. This one though doesn't make me look sick, it does make me look pale but I wasn't expecting any miracles. This is quite a hard colour to describe sometimes it looks pink, other times it looks brown or grey and sometimes it looks like a colour in-between.
This is what it looks like on my ghostly pale hands, it kinda looks like a pinky-carmel brown here but sometimes it blends into my skin so good that i sometimes forget that I've got it on.

This is a great one to try if you're looking for a nude polish.
Do you have any pale skin beauty faves?

Rachel xx
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