Topshop Wishlist (Summer)

This weekend my mum and dad booked and paid for our summer holiday and since then I've been seriously lusting after all things summery and skirts. I know it isn't warm enough to go outside with jeans and a shirt on let alone a dress but i can hope right!

1. playsuit  £24
2. Pinafore Dress £48. I love the bright colours in this dress and it reminds me or Irn Bru.
3.Paisley print dress £39. This dress is totally something that you'd war to Coachella and i love the muted colours.
4. Cat eye sunnies  £16. I totally wish i could wear this type of sunglasses but i can't :'(
5. Wayfarer sunnies £14. Now these are the type off sunglasses that i can order online without trying because i know that they'll look good on me, the kind of look good on every face type and if you ask me you'd be safe buying these without trying them on first.
6.  Gold sandals £42. this type of sandal should already be in your wardrobe. They're the perfect staple piece for summer because the heel on them is small enough to let you walk up and down Buchanan St all day but cute and classy enough to be worn out to dinner or to a party.

So what'd you think? think i left anything out? whats your summer Topshop staples?

Rachel xx

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