Korres isn't a brand that I'd normally go for, the main reason being that they don't have a store in Glasgow or the brand isn't sold in boots or Debenhams etc. Maybe it is correct me of I'm wrong but I haven't seen it.

So whilst I was in Greece I decided to pick a few things up because I wanted to try some things out, I bought a body milk, 2 lip crayons, a lip balm and a perfume. I know that I didn't buy a whole lot but I thought I'd just try a few things(nothing ventured,nothing gained).

At first the body milk really confused me because I didn't know if it was a body wash or a moisturiser  and they didn't have any samples out but i bought it anyway and decided that whatever it was I'd give it a go. I later found out that it was a body moisturiser and that it smelt like my dad's shaving gel.  Yeah I know weird right? but it is a smell that I have grown to like, I mean obviously you can get different scents of the body milk ( I have the citrus scent) but i thought that it'd be worth while mentioning anyway.

Overall I like all the products that I've purchased and if I got the chance to see some again I'd definitely buy some more.

Have you tried anything from Korres?

TTYL Rachel xx


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