My 2016 Goals

Hopefully this isn't going to be one of those totally unreachable goal posts, you know, like gain 500,000 readers in a year or travel to 20 countries. I'm hoping that these are things that i can stick to.

Blog More Often Yeah it seems like a given as this is a blog and I am posting on it but I've had this blog for about 2 years and on average I post 2 blogposts per month which is really shitty, so I'm going to try to up my blogging game

Use Social Media More Often I don't really use social media as much as I should to promote my blog, people have more followers on Twitter and Instagram than they do on their blogs and she people use that to their advantage really well and that gets them a  lot more reads and followers for their blogs. So in the new year I'm going to use both a white lot more. You can follow me on Instagram Here and Twitter Here or if you're on your phone both handles are: dawnsleeperblog

Become A Vegetarian Yep, you heard me I've decided to eradicate all meat from my diet but its not as bad as it sounds because I don't really eat much meat anyway but now this means no more chicken nuggets from McDonald's :(

Save Up I feel like when you're my age and you receive money for Christmas or your birthday or whatever the first thing you do is go online and decide what your going to spend it on. So, I've decided that i want to learn how to drive this year so I need to pay for driving lessons, a car, insurance, MOTs and other car stuff which costs an absolute fortune so I'm going to have a spend free year :(

So that's it, those are my goals of the year.
What are yours?

Rachel xx


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