The Perfect Nude For Pale Skin.

Nope this isn't another nude lipsticks post but if you want to look at my favourite nudes click here
This is grey suede from Revlon which is £6.49 from Boots. But I usually wait till they're on offer because boots usually do 2 Revlon polishes for £8.

If you're pale then you know the struggle we have to go through to get a lipstick or nail polish that complements our skin tone and doesn't make our skin look sick or grey, and if you didn't know then there I've just told you. This one though doesn't make me look sick, it does make me look pale but I wasn't expecting any miracles. This is quite a hard colour to describe sometimes it looks pink, other times it looks brown or grey and sometimes it looks like a colour in-between.
This is what it looks like on my ghostly pale hands, it kinda looks like a pinky-carmel brown here but sometimes it blends into my skin so good that i sometimes forget that I've got it on.

This is a great one to try if you're looking for a nude polish.
Do you have any pale skin beauty faves?

Rachel xx

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