Rimmel SuperGel Polish.

I had high hopes for this. I thought that it was going to be great. But it wasn't. I picked this up a couple of days ago in Morissons whilst shopping with my mum and as they were new they were being sold at an introductory price of £4 (the usual price for these is £6 each). I thought that the gel colour was going to be thick and creamy but it wasn't, it's just a plain old regular nail polish and that annoyed me. The topcoat also wasn't as thick as I would've liked it to be considering that the nail polish was just a regular polish I thought that the topcoat would've been the gel however it was the same consistency as a thick glossy topcoat, meaning that it wasn't really a gel polish at all.

Another negative about this was that you had to apply 3 coats (2 colour, 1 topcoat) and that's really not ideal when you're running late or have to get homework done. On the bright side there are 20 different colours to choose from. But the better option would just be to buy a BarryM Gelly Hi Shine nail polish (£3.99)

It would also be good to point out that if you bought the colour and topcoat for the regular price of £6 each (£12 for both) that only gives you one colour when you could buy 3 different colours from BarryM for the same price. A further negative of this range is that this polish chipped the next day or two after putting it on when it says on the bottle 14 days of wear time.

Have you tried out these latest Rimmel offerings?
Rachel xx

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