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Hiyah, thanks for stumbling upon my blog I hope you stick around for a while.

My name is Rachel, I'm 19 from Glasgow and I am a student. I just talk about anything and everything I want to.

 I love all kinds of makeup. I love days where its nice and natural, just a bit of concealer and lip-balm, but i also love the days where I go full out with different colours and glitter and I look like a drag queen. There's no in-between for me except the days when I have work. I don't really think they'd like it if I walked in with a blue and green smokey eye.

Skincare, where do I start? I have acne, it sucks. If anyone who has acne says that they don't mind it, they're lying. It doesn't matter whether you have a face full of cystic, large acne spots or just a few hormonal breakouts, everyone hates it. I'm not on any type of medication for my acne, it's really not that bad, but I like to kind of switch up my skincare once in a while, find products that I like and products that I hate. You have to be quite quick with acne because as soon as you start using  a good product and a good regime your skin gets used to the ingredients and starts breaking out again.

I'm aware that most, if not all, of my acne is hormonal and its all about me changing into a woman and all of that bullsh*t but it's crap and I wish there was some sort of test doctors could do and for the results to be like 'oh Rachel dairy is causing your acne just cut it out and you'll be acne free' but unfortunately that doesn't happen.

Maybe I'll be doing you a favour, maybe you were going to try that £50 moisturiser that had claims that it could change the world, obviously something that doesn't work for me might be great for you but at least it will give you my thoughts on it, and you can see how it reacted with my acne prone skin.

I hope you stick around and listen to me blabber on for a while and maybe we can have a chit-chat about it later.

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